Bespoke PLV

We manufacture and design point of sale display units, PLV, Brand displays (signs, information panels, brochure stands, light boxes, signage, etc.), sample displays, themed display units, shop in shop, showroom and retail equipment for point of sale and trade fairs (shelving units, platforms, display cabinets, counters, etc.).

Technologies and materials

Through the use of specific technology: mechanized cardboard, CNC, digital printing, silk printing, laser cutting, etc. as well as advanced machinery, we achieve high quality results with maximum precision using any type of material: metal, wood, acrylic, plastic, LED Illumination, etc.


Comprehensive manufacture and distributing of personalized budget display units. Our design team is dedicated to developing any project to suit any commercial requirement. The production of prototypes is an integral part of our development process. We take care of all export logistics worldwide including installation.

Special orders

We have extensive experience in the manufacture of sample display units including product assembly and placement. We also develop process and use explication diagrams. We are specialists in the manufacture of themed display units in order to replicate any product, object or logo.